Keto Shortbread Cookie Mix

Our Shortbread Keto Cookie Mix makes the tastiest, most versatile roll-out cookies we’ve ever had the pleasure to eat — with no added sugar! Haul out your cookie cutters and make all the little hearts, stars, Christmas trees, and doggie bones— anything you desire. Whatever shape you make, they’ll still average 1.3g net carbs per serving. These shortbread cookies are sweet, but not too-too sweet, with a hint of toasted coconut. They’re light yet sturdy and great for dunking in tea, coffee, or almond milk.

These cookies get their sweetness from Wondrose, the healthy alternative to sugar with a pure, clean taste. If you’re in the mood to mix it up, they’re a great base for your favorite add-ins: cinnamon, lemon or orange zest, toasted pecans for snowballs, pecan sandies or Mexican wedding cookies, or even spread them with peanut butter and your favorite sugar-free jam in the middle.

  • Only 1.3g net carbs per serving
  • No added sugar, sweetened with Wondrose (Erythritol, Fiber and Monk Fruit)
  • Just mix, roll and bake for fresh cookies in 15 minutes 
  • Gluten free
  • Keto friendly, diabetic friendly and Non-GMO

Serving Size: Makes 16 Buttery and Crispy Cookies!

Keto and Co’s mission is to make healthy, low carb food convenient and delicious. We made our Shortbread Keto Cookie Mix because a great cookie makes life a little sweeter.