Keto Hot Breakfast

Keto Hot Breakfast is a cozy and delicious way to start your day. Made from coconut, Keto Hot Breakfast has a texture and taste similar to oatmeal or grits but much lower in calories and carbs. Keto Hot Breakfast will keep you running through even the busiest of mornings.

If you want a low-fat, low-calorie breakfast, skip the coconut oil and follow the rest of the instructions for a remarkably satisfying 50-calorie meal loaded with fiber.

Available flavors:

  • Plain (Version 2)
  • Peaches and Cream, sweetened with Wondrose (Erythritol, Fiber, and Monkfruit)
  • Apple Cinnamon, sweetened with Wondrose (Erythritol, Fiber, and Monkfruit)
  • Maple Brown Sugar, sweetened with Wondrose (Erythritol, Fiber, and Monkfruit)

Each bag has 8 Servings